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Kristin Kreuk short clip (My first DeepFake!)

I tied up Disney Princess Liu Yifei——Mulan and watched her Masturbation(free download)

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Jinx ASMR Toying Herself on Her Bed

Hi, Here’s a quick and dirty fake I made. Comment to let me know what you think!

=================== Model Summary ===================
== ==
== Model name: dfud256JinxLCGPrin_SAEHD ==
== ==
== Current iteration: 177182 ==
== ==
==—————– Model Options —————–==
== ==
== resolution: 256 ==
== face_type: f ==
== models_opt_on_gpu: True ==
== archi: df-ud ==
== ae_dims: 256 ==
== e_dims: 80 ==
== d_dims: 80 ==
== d_mask_dims: 22 ==
== masked_training: True ==
== eyes_prio: True ==
== uniform_yaw: False ==
== lr_dropout: n ==
== random_warp: False ==
== gan_power: 0.0 ==
== true_face_power: 0.0 ==
== face_style_power: 0.0 ==
== bg_style_power: 0.0 ==
== ct_mode: none ==
== clipgrad: False ==
== pretrain: False ==
== autobackup_hour: 4 ==
== write_preview_history: True ==
== target_iter: 500000 ==
== random_flip: False ==
== batch_size: 4 ==
== ==
==—————— Running On ——————-==
== ==
== Device index: 0 ==
== Name: GeForce GTX 1080 ==
== VRAM: 8.00GB ==
== ==

Elisha Cuthbert Nude Scenes From “The Girl Next Door” Enhanced In 4K

The video above features Elisha Cuthbert’s nude and sexy scenes from the film “The Girl Next Door” up-scaled and enhanced in ultra high definition.

Elisha Cuthbert sexy

For those of you who have not seen this film, “The Girl Next Door” is your classic heathen Hollywood feel good coming-of-age story about a pathetically emasculated infidel dork who falls madly in love with the prostitute (played by Elisha naturally) who moves in next door to him.

There is no denying that Elisha was still in her prime when this movie was shot, unfortunately the miserly Zionists producers did not pony up the shekels necessary to get this slut properly naked on camera… With the closest she came being the gratuitous side boob slip in the video clip above.

Elisha Cuthbert sexy

Sadly at this point Elisha is no doubt a shriveled up old shrew who’s uterus is about to prolapse out of her gaping sex hole… Which is to say, that she will probably end up doing a graphic nude scene soon to try to relaunch her career.

Exhibitionist Beauty Julia Rose Driving a Car While Topless

Topless Julia Rose screencaps from her latest public nudity video. Honestly, this gallery right here is a great way to introduce someone to Julia Rose and her steamy content. It’s not like anything about this gallery is mind-blowing, but you can totally figure out what her main appeal is. We are aiming to turn some folks into Julia Rose fans, so that’s that. Please enjoy these pictures in high quality and stay tuned for more.

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Kim Kardashian Nude Pussy Outtake Photos Released

Kim Kardashian nude pussy

The gallery below features Kim Kardashian’s nude full frontal pussy pic outtakes from her (in)famous 2010 photo shoot for W Magazine.


Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

Of course this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a clear shot of Kim’s cavernous cock cave, and it almost certainly will not be the last. However with that said there is no denying that Kim’s penis purse has held up remarkably well through the years… Especially considering that more black men have shot up inside of it then a neighborhood in the south side of Chicago.

In the end, Kim Kardashian’s depravity was already legendary and these nude outtakes simply add to her lecherous legacy. Which is a reminder that to this day you can still watch her sex tape video here.

Sexually Frustrated Gillian Jacobs Gets Ready to Ride a Dude’s Dick

Gillian Jacobs makes out with some ugly-ass motherfucker before climbing on top of him. She screams something into his ugly face and lets out a moan afterwards. It’s possible that she’s already bouncing on his dick, but it’s TV sex, so you can never actually tell what’s happening. Anyway, all we get to see is here perky breasts in a bra, that’s pretty much it. Enjoy these screencaps as soon as possible, folks.

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DFL Tits Swap Test 1 – Mabel (Clean Bandit – Tick Tock).

My 1st semi successful attempt at swapping breast using DeepFaceLab. Some time ago I mentioned that I was working on tits swap using the video clip of Ariana Grande God Is Woman but I’ve failed on that one. This one is not perfect either by any means and probably would never be unless you stick with using just target that is always facing the camera and not rotating to the sides as the manual extractor doesn’t understand yaw/pitch.

I tried few tricks to try and get DFL to understand which pair of breast/SRC image to use by having the manual extraction square be always in the same rotation and relying on the different appearance of breast at an angle (same for SRC and DST) and also used xseg to mask the area of focus but I’m not sure it works at all. 2 attempts were made, one was just regular training and in the other (1st one in the video) I’ve used both true face and style power.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments and if you want more please let me know.

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PVC Lesbo Fucking Pt2

I’m having a right lesbo dyke fest of late and I just can’t get enough of all these ladies cunt juices as they squirm and squirt when I lick them out. Claire xx –  (Gallery) 

CurvyClaire - PVC Lesbo Fucking Pt2

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Dee Suck Fuck Slut Pt2

Sam Rogers Fucks Me So Hard In This Video That My Face Is a Picture Of Pleasure And Pain from His Massive Cock Splitting me open and making me cum so fucking hard Then I squat over his huge cock and ride him to my 2nd orgasmJoin My Site And You can get to See all of TAC 1 Girls You get the chance to fuck me on a sexy shoot –  (Video) 

DoubleDee - Dee Suck Fuck Slut Pt2

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SpeedyBee The Space Alien Pt7

I was fucking the Doctor Space Cowgirl then I turn around and ride him reverse Space Cowgirl bouncing hard up and down on his cock then I lay him back and start sucking on his cock I feel he is ready to cum so I squeeze hard on his balls and suck hard and he soon reaches a climax and shoots his full load deep in my mouth, I now have a sample of Earth Mans sperm to take back to my planet so I no longer have need of the Doctor so I grab my ray gun and Disintegrate him.Speedybee xxx –  (Video) 

SpeedyBee - SpeedyBee The Space Alien Pt7

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New Black StrapOn

Hi GuysI just got send a new dildo for my strap-on, I had to try it out for size and preapre forthe visit I will make to a girlfriends.This black lifelike was BIG it felt so horny holdng this in my hands. I needed 2 hands..I love wearing my strap-on and this made me feel so sexy it was unreal, lookat how it lies on my stocking tops, then against my leg…wow so hornyHope you enjoy these part 2 I get my lips around it.Lexie xx –  (Gallery) 

LexieCummings - New Black StrapOn

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3 hole creampie slut just for Mike

Hey Mike, here’s the video I promised you and Im wearing those slutty heels that you like so muchIn this first clip Im getting you in the mood by slowly peeling off my clothes and striking my tiny pussyJolene –  (Video) 

JoleneDevil - 3 hole creampie slut just for Mike

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