[02](Not) Saito Asuka is hypnotized / 斋藤飞鸟被催眠了 / 齋藤飛鳥被催眠了 – The Fappening

[02](Not) Saito Asuka is hypnotized / 斋藤飞鸟被催眠了 / 齋藤飛鳥被催眠了


Hi there. I’m here to post video again. This time is “Asuka Saito was hypnotized” (I just found out she is not suitable for short hair after exporting the image). The original film is ipx-778 starring Momonogi Kana. A long time ago, I had the idea of making a Saito Asuka video. Now my wish has come true, so the frequency and efficiency of the next production will be reduced. It’s the same as “Kenja Time”, after finishing something important, especially successive two times in a short period, there will always be some emptiness, hahahah.
This video’s appearance is far more better than I expected. The only pity is that I deleted a lot of kiss and BJ clips (at least 10 min) in the second editing of original video, because the preview image in the first training could not identify the tongue and indescribable obstacle. But there will be an almost perfect display as long as the mask model is applied when compositing. This makes me both happy and regretful. Anyway, I will always love DFL this software. And really thanks to those who continuously contribute to DFL.
BTW, I don’t know why my video upload speed is very slow, less than 200 kb/s, usually around 145 kb/s – 170 kb/s. Is it a problem with my network or with the MDF website?
Then is time for broken thoughts: If I move the time and energy of editing videos to my thesis, I might have finished it… a bit exaggerated, but it’s almost there… In order to verify many ideas, these days, I have learned so much knowledge and concepts in several DFL forums. I even had the idea of ​​switching careers to become a programmer, or I’d like to consider making videos for money. Even though I think the videos I make are good enough, my family may not be able to accept them, hahaha.
Needless to say, the next long days are paper writing time. SAITO and Momonogi, two beautiful women have taken up too much of my time. If I still don’t finish data analyse part of the paper, my next seminar will be in a mess.
I make videos out of interest, and see you next time. Enjoy it.