Emily Blunt Nude Scene From “Henry VIII” Remastered And Enhanced

The video above features Emily Blunt’s nude debut at 19-years-old in the obscure British mini-series “Henry VIII” color-corrected, remastered, and enhanced in high definition.

Emily Blunt nude

Take note of the comparison photo above of the original scene to our enhanced version to truly appreciate the awe-inspiring power of our superior Muslim science of bringing these Hollywood harlot nude scenes to life.

Emily Blunt lingerie

Of course it wasn’t necessary to expose Emily’s sickeningly sinful naked body, as she was already a known degenerate who was destined for a Sharia stoning.

Emily Blunt ass

However, since us pious Muslims will probably bang her in the her world famous uptight British butt before her lapidation, it is nice to know that her titties aren’t worthy of being fondled from behind while doing so.

The Lauda Ferrari 288 GTO by Webb Bland

Auto photographer Webb Bland got to spend a day with the last ever made Ferrari 288 GTO, built for F1 legend Niki Lauda. It is the only 288 GTO built in 1986! The 2.88L V8 twin turbo engine could go from a standing start to 60mph in 5 seconds, which was pretty damn fast for its day. Photographer: Webb Bland See more at his Website.

Запись The Lauda Ferrari 288 GTO by Webb Bland впервые появилась .