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BMW K100 ‘Gorilla’ by Arnoldas Ivanauskas - The Fappening

BMW K100 ‘Gorilla’ by Arnoldas Ivanauskas


German photographer Arnoldas Ivanauskas heads to the parking lot on a rainy day with Matas ‘Matt’ Rinkevičius of Two Wheels Empire and the custom BMW K100 build, named Silverback Gorilla. The original K100 has had bits removed to improve weight, new forks, disc brakes, new shocks, along with custom air intake manifold and exhaust. But that’s not all… a modern dash was installed, with a new headlight and a full paint job. It is definitely a sexy Gorilla! Photographer: Arnoldas Ivanauskas (Aimedia)  

Запись BMW K100 ‘Gorilla’ by Arnoldas Ivanauskas впервые появилась .