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Keira Knightley #12 - PREVIEW - Full version (53:20) in video description - The Fappening

Keira Knightley #12 – PREVIEW – Full version (53:20) in video description


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This one is actually quite old since I made it before the previous 2 (not so good either) ones with Tori but I’m not quite ready to start making new batch yet and don’t have time now to improve the set so I’m posting this old version first, next month I’ll be making a new batch of videos and will redo this one as well as merge 2 older, shorter videos I also made, join them into one video and obviously make few new ones with the same model. I’m quite certain I can improve the clarity a lot since the current src set of Keira I have is still the same old one I used way back on the first few I did with Tori and it needs to be reduced in size, have some of the upscaled faces removed and I did skip few movies last time so I’ll also have to add those too.

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