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Not Emme Rylan BJ session #3 - The Fappening

Not Emme Rylan BJ session #3


User commission, perhaps not the best choice as far as match goes and from worse angle (the source set is not the best due to low quality of available sources) but I’m still uploading it as I do most of the videos I make. Also it seem my new XSeg doesn’t handle tongues properly and masks cut into teeth causing doble teeth, I hate the new XSeg model so much, it’s just plainly worse than the old one for me ūüôĀ Time to fix masks on my custom 6000 faces training set (kill me).

Coming up next: Emilia Clarke and Emma Watson (both free full videos), part 2 of the Anya Taylor-Joy video (preview) + commissions (Mandy Moore, Kaya Scodelario, Taeyeon, Yoona, Jaimie Alexander).

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