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Leather Basque

Dressed in my leather Basque, stockings and high healed shoes and of course knickerless. I also do some vaping. –  (Gallery) 

SaraBanks - Leather Basque

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Interracial Bareback Fuck

Chloe Grace Moretz touches herself (DFL2 test #1)

This is my first ever deep fake. Not perfect, but considering the low quality of dst video I’m relatively pleased with the results (with a couple exceptions below).

Two biggest issues I ended up with:
– Some masks/faces are missing here and there – I think there was an issue originally in the masking process.
– Some deep fake masks were outright unusable so had to remove them (e.g. SAEHD produced a giant mouth or complete blur as the frame’s mask). Not sure what’s going on there – probably issues with face detection on those particular frames.

I wish there was a way to copy/paste one SAEHD src mask onto another dst frame/mask during the merging process – that would be a great bandaid solution when there’s only a couple frames missing here and there.

Here’s more of my process for this video:

Mary Queen/dst – WF/256/85% JPG for the dst images from source video – original footage was relatively low definition and aligned images weren’t fully there
Chloe Grace Moretz/src – WF/high-quality aligned images

dst – Very tricky to mask, not only because of blurry/low-def, but also because her hair was constantly getting in the way, plus she seemed to constantly be at odd angles. Ended up initially doing nearly 100 manual masks on dst. XSeg took care of the rest, but it still ended up missing a few images and bad recognition
src – masks were done essentially automatically by XSeg thanks to high quality faceset

SAEHD Training (128 res – batch 4 – 400ms average)
Pre-trained for 135k iter with provided dataset (both genders)
0-45k iter – default values with face flip and random wrap
45k-155k iter – default values with eyes priority and face flip, no random wrap
155k-165k iter – default values with yaw and face flip, no random wrap, or eyes priority
Ultimately got to 0.1850/0.0639

As mentioned above, the biggest issue was discovering that training generated some horror-esque giant mouths/blurry faces instead of useable masks. Still not sure if the issue is with the original dst masking, the dst faceset, or something else.
Color-wise, it was a weird match but ended up settling on IDT/IDT-M for most of the video (5 C presses from start). Chloe/src feels almost like she’s wearing a wig for half the performance – probably because I cut around Mary/dst’s hair, so it adds a sense of depth by default. I mitigated some of it by occasionally going with hist-match, but you lose the richness of skintone. I also occasionally blurred the mask, notably to avoid aliasing on edges.

Mature Beauty Susan Sarandon Showing Her Impressive Rack

Susan Sarandon cleavage pictures from the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (June 2012). You know what, she looks great in this semi-sheer dress. Susan is one of those unique women that are still sexy despite being over 70. Enjoy these snaps, we’ve got even more GILF celebrity erotica coming right up. Also, there are many other posts focusing on much younger women. Just sayin’!

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Karen Gillan Nude Titty See Through Pics Enhanced

Karen Gillan nipple nude

The photos above of actress Karen Gillan’s nude titty while in a see through top from her modeling days have just been remastered and enhanced using our AI (Advanced Islamic) imaging technology.

Karen Gillan nude

There is certainly no denying that Karen Gillan is one old bitchy looking slut… In fact, that is why in the Western world when a middle-aged woman acts like an annoying whore she is often referred to as a “Karen”.

Karen Gillan panties

Of course in the civilized Islamic world women who get mouthy are simply called “stoned to deaths”… For the holy Qur’an is very clear that “if you spare the rod you spoil the woman”. The undeniable wisdom of this ancient proverb certainly shines through in these disgustingly depraved Karen Gillan pics.

Lyuba Menyaeva by Eduard Konovalchuk (Konard) (NSFW)

Tattooed and beauty Lyuba Menyaeva doesn’t like clothes but does like knee high socks, the colour pink and photographer Eduard Konovalchuk (Konard). Model: Lyuba Menyaeva Photographer: Eduard Konovalchuk (Konard)

Lamborghini Sián Roadster by Philipp Rupprecht

German photographer Philipp Rupprecht is in the garage with a $2 million hybrid Lamborghini Sián Roadster. The open top supercar carries the most powerful Lamborghini engine ever with 6.5L V12 paired with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system producing 774 hp. It can reach 100 kph in 2.9 seconds and tops out at 350 kph. Photographer: Philipp Rupprecht See more at his Website.

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