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Shailene Woodley Nude Skinny Dipping - The Fappening

Shailene Woodley Nude Skinny Dipping


Shailene Woodley nude

Actress Shailene Woodley appears to have just shared the fully nude photos above and video clip below of herself skinny dipping in a lesbian lake.

As you can see, Shailene has a couple of her lesboqueer friends with her as they defile this vital estuary by gleefully rinsing out their nasty stank pusses in the water. Of course Shailene is currently engaged to Green Bay Fudge Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers, so to see her partaking in this aquatic lesbo ritual comes as no surprise…

Shailene Woodley nude

For clearly both Shailene and Aaron are “bisexual”… In that they say bye to one another as they walk out the door to go have sex with members of the same gender. This is further evidenced by Shailene showing her tits in the photo above, as only a rough raging lesbodyke would drink a ten year Ardbeg scotch.

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