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Antonia Fotaras Nude Scene From “Addio al nubilato”

Antonia Fotaras nude

The video below features Italian actress Antonia Fotaras’ nude scene from her new film “Addio al nubilato”.

As you can see, in this scene Antonia Fotaras convinces her frumpy friends to strip naked and join her running down the beach. Obviously Antonia believes that if they happen upon a pious Muslim man, she simply has to run faster than the one chunky girl to escape his righteous wrath.

Antonia Fotaras ass

Unfortunately for Antonia she would be sorely mistaken (both figuratively and literally)… As us Muslims will always choose to take down the girl with the best tits and ass in this situation, so that we can vigorously humble her sex holes… And in this group of hussies that woman is without a doubt Antonia.