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Evolution of the Lamborghini V12 by Jeremy Cliff

American photographer Jeremy Cliff captures the evolution of the Lamborghini V12 from the classic Miura to the Aventador. The Miura was the fastest production car in the world on its release in 1966 and less than 1000 were built ever. It was powered by 3.9L V12 four-stroke and produced 380 hp able to accelerate the Miura to 60 mph in a lazy 6.7 seconds. The Aventador was released in 2011 and is still in production. It has a 6.5L L539 V12 producing 760 hp and accelerates to 100 kph in just 2.9 seconds. You can pick up an Aventador for…

ICON 1949 Hudson LS9 by Brandon Lim

American photographer Brandon Lim spent some time with custom 1949 Hudson LS9 by ICON. The build includes a luxury interior and a supercharged modern engine and powertrain. The 6.2L V8 supercharged LS9 engine produces 638hp. The insides were replaced with hand-dyed alligator and calf leather upholstery, while an air-con system was included and fully adjustable suspension to give it all a smooth ride. The build took approximately 400 hours to complete and costs more than we can know… Photographer: Brandon Lim See more at his Website.

Citroën DS (Toulouse) by Diego Speroni

Spanish photographer Diego Speroni enjoys the site of a Citroën DS in the cobbled streets of Toulouse. The classic French car was named most beautiful of all time by a leading auto magazine. Powered by a 2L 4 cylinder engine, give or take a few cubic centimeters, it produced 100 hp and could reach 1oo kph in a lazy 14.5 seconds. With about 1.5 million vehicles sold in its 20 year production run, current examples exist for sale from a few thousand dollars to many hundreds of thousands… Photographer: Diego Speroni See more at his Website.

Blue (1984 Porsche 911) by Alex Bernstein

Alex Bernstein spent the day with an all blue 1984 Porsche 911 classic sportscar. And by all blue, the wheels, the seats, the gauges, the carpet…. everything, is blue! The 3.2L 6 cylinder engine produces 200 bhp and can reach 60mph in 5.3 seconds. Photographer: Alex Bernstein See more at his Website.

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Mercedes-Benz W25 by Philipp Rupprecht

Philipp Rupprecht gets retro stylish with the 1930’s Grand Prix racing car Mercedes-Benz W25. A supercharged engine which ranged in capacity from 3.36L and produced 354hp. The steel chassis had weight saving holes drilled in the frame and an aluminium shell. Photographer: Philipp Rupprecht See more at his Website.

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