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Burton Sportscar by Jerome Wassenaar

Dutch photographer Jerome Wassenaar enjoys the classic lines of the kit built Burton Sportscar. Based on the Citroën 2CV and sharing 99% of the same parts, power is not the focus of this beauty. The big-bore 0.652L Citroën-Visa engine produces a whopping 38 horses with a top speed of perhaps 160 kph – downhill, with a tail wind. But Burton has made a beautiful sounding exhaust to match the high-revving 2 cylinder, adding some substance to the shell. Plus, it’s re-used parts make it environmentally friendly, and weighing less than 500kg it’s also fuel efficient. All for under €5,000 to…

ICON 1949 Hudson LS9 by Brandon Lim

American photographer Brandon Lim spent some time with custom 1949 Hudson LS9 by ICON. The build includes a luxury interior and a supercharged modern engine and powertrain. The 6.2L V8 supercharged LS9 engine produces 638hp. The insides were replaced with hand-dyed alligator and calf leather upholstery, while an air-con system was included and fully adjustable suspension to give it all a smooth ride. The build took approximately 400 hours to complete and costs more than we can know… Photographer: Brandon Lim See more at his Website.

Blue (1984 Porsche 911) by Alex Bernstein

Alex Bernstein spent the day with an all blue 1984 Porsche 911 classic sportscar. And by all blue, the wheels, the seats, the gauges, the carpet…. everything, is blue! The 3.2L 6 cylinder engine produces 200 bhp and can reach 60mph in 5.3 seconds. Photographer: Alex Bernstein See more at his Website.

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BMW K100 ‘Gorilla’ by Arnoldas Ivanauskas

German photographer Arnoldas Ivanauskas heads to the parking lot on a rainy day with Matas ‘Matt’ Rinkevičius of Two Wheels Empire and the custom BMW K100 build, named Silverback Gorilla. The original K100 has had bits removed to improve weight, new forks, disc brakes, new shocks, along with custom air intake manifold and exhaust. But that’s not all… a modern dash was installed, with a new headlight and a full paint job. It is definitely a sexy Gorilla! Photographer: Arnoldas Ivanauskas (Aimedia)  

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Harley-Davidson Sportster Custom by Vasiliy Bobylev

Photographer Vasiliy Bobylev captures the brutal lines of the custom Harley-Davidson Sportster built by TCD Moscow and Alex GHRV. This beautiful motorbike includes hand made components and upgraded parts across the entire machine. Photographer: Vasiliy Bobylev

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