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Doja Cat’s Nude Ass Trying To Score White Dick

Doja Cat nude

Rapper Doja Cat shows off her nude ass to try and score some white dick in the photos above.

Of course we know that Doja Cat is after white dick in particular due to the recently uncovered controversial video above from before she was famous, in which she tries to seduce nerdy white boys in a chatroom by offering to suck their dicks and dropping the “N-word” with a hard R to get them really hot and bothered.

Doja Cat ass

Unfortunately for Doja all of her degrading attention whoring came to nothing, for even the pathetic dorks who hangout on TinyChat weren’t interested in banging her big brown booty and instead chose to ridicule her.

Which just goes to show where so-called “women of color” rank on the scale of desirability…

Doja Cat nude

For if a reasonably well put together and light skinned thot like Doja Cat can’t get any Caucasian cock, then what hope do the Laquishas of the world have.

Slutty Doja Cat Doing Slutty Things on Social Media

Sexy Doja Cat pictures from Instagram (2018-2019). As unbelievable as it might sound, Doja is pretty damn popular. There are close to seven million people following her on Instagram currently.