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Dua Lipa Boobs, Butt, And Bikini Collages

Dua Lipa boobs butt

Over the past month pop star Dua Lipa has unleashed a continuous onslaught upon our pious Muslim eyes with photos of her boobs and butt in bikinis…

Dua Lipa bikini

However, instead of doing a large number of posts denouncing this blasphemously brazen Jezebel, it is far more efficient and effective to compile her sickeningly sinful swimsuit pics into collages and issue a fatwa against them all at once.

Dua Lipa bikini

And that is just what we are doing here… For there is certainly no denying that Dua’s flabby ass meat, and sloppy tit sacks are a direct affront to Islam and the holy Muslim aesthetic.

Dua Lipa bikini

Rest assured that Dua will burn in the eternal hellfire with a fiery fury of a thousand suns for these egregious pics… Especially after they have been so elegantly put together like this by us righteous and crafty celeb jihadists.