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Emily Deyt-Aysage Covered Topless And Boob Bounce

Emily Deyt-Aysage topless

Model Emily Deyt-Aysage barely covers her bulbous breasts in the topless photos above, and then bounces her busty boobs in the compilation video below.

As you can see by the jiggling in this video, Emily’s massive mammaries are in desperate need of a milking by a powerful Muslim man…

Emily Deyt-Aysage nipples

For it is only when Emily’s ample udders have been drained dry that they will be able to be properly contained underneath her bras (and then a burka).

Emily Deyt-Aysage bikini boobs

Yes, there is no denying that Emily Deyt-Aysage’s immodest bosom is an offensive sight to behold, and so long as her tit sacks remain untamed they are a threat to our pious Muslim eyes. That is why we are issuing a fatwa demanding that Emily immediately report to her nearest Mosque to have her salacious sweater puppies squeezed down to size.