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JoJo Using Her Tits To Peddle Cheap Lingerie

JoJo lingerie

Washed-up one-hit wonder (well technically two-hit wonder) singer JoJo spends her days using her sloppy white trash titties to peddle cheap lingerie on social media.

It use to be that talentless pop star sluts like JoJo would fade into obscurity after their 15 minutes of fame were up… But with the advent of social media they live on today, tormenting us pious Muslims with their low-grade attention whoring (as JoJo is doing in her shitty one bedroom apartment in the video clip above).

JoJo lingerie

Of course we realize that girls like JoJo think they have no other marketable skills outside of prostituting their sex organs to the hopelessly depraved infidel masses, but that is certainly not true… For JoJo could still serve a useful purpose by being recycled into compost that is then spread through a fig tree orchard.