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Natalie Portman Nude Masturbation Scene Extended Version

Natalie Portman naked

The video below appears to feature Natalie Portman’s extended nude masturbation scene from the director’s cut of the film “Black Swan”.

Of course Natalie vigorously partaking in sinful self-pleasure like this comes as no surprise, as fiddling her sex bean is clearly her favorite pastime…

Natalie Portman Thor muscles

As evidenced by the fact that Natalie’s onanism obsession is almost certainly responsible for her buffed arms on the set of the new “Thor” movie in the candid photos above.

Natalie Portman nude

Yes, Natalie has clearly put on some muscle from her years of paddling the pink pussy canoe… Of course it would be naïve to think that is the only thing Natalie has done to get ripped… As she also no doubt has experimented with extensive bondage exercises while taking heaping doses of bull testosterone.

Olivia Wilde Nude Photos And Masturbation Video

Olivia Wilde nude

Actress Olivia Wilde appears to have just released the collection of nude photos below.


Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde Olivia Wilde

Not only did Olivia Wilde brazenly expose her sinful nude female body like this, but she also appears to rub her sex bean in the masturbation video below.

Of course the timing of this release is a bit suspicious, as Olivia Wilde was recently dumped by her longtime fiancé, the hilariously unfunny comedian Jason Sudeikis.

Clearly with this salacious display newly single Olivia is trying to seduce us virile Muslim men with her rock hard tit toppers, so that she can earn a spot in our harems. Unfortunately for her that ship has long sailed, but to show that we appreciate the offer we would like to give her a tip in return… If she really wants to give her nipples a good pinching she should try using jumper cables (attaching them to a car battery is optional but recommended).

Chloe Bennet Nude Outtake And Masturbation Video

Chloe Bennet nude

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” star Chloe Bennet shows obscene amounts of side boob in the covered nude outtake photo above, and appears to use a vibrator on her soaking wet sin bean in the masturbation video below.

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise that Chloe would whore her body like this in a desperate attempt to stay relevant, for at one point she degraded herself into being popular YouTube star and horrible boxer Logan Paul’s penis parking spot.

Chloe Bennet ass

Yes, if Chloe is willing to sleep with Internet celebrities to prolong her time in the spotlight there is no telling how low she is willing to stoop…

Chloe Bennet nude

Which brings me to my next point… Why hasn’t Chloe offered up her coochie to me yet? For as the most famous celebrity jihadist blogger in the world, I am far better known than a flaming homofag like Logan Paul…

Chloe Bennet sexy

And I have a much larger… Collection of videos of dead people swinging from trees… And manhood… But that should go without saying.

Julia Fox Nude Scenes From “PVT Chat”

Julia Fox nude

The video below features Julia Fox’s graphic nude masturbation scenes from her new film “PVT Chat”.

After making a name for herself as an actress by displaying her bulbous butt in the film “Uncut Gems”, it certainly is not surprising that Julia would return to her nude modeling roots by showing off her naked body for her second big screen starring role like this.

Julia Fox nude ass

In fact, the only thing that is surprising about these new nude scenes, is that Julia does not flaunt her fantastic fanny in them and instead rubs her cock cave while talking dirty to some limp dick soy boy infidel cuck.

For as you can see, her exceptional ass is by far her best feature…

Julia Fox tits ass

And it is certainly a shame that it is not being properly utilized in heathen Hollywood. For Julia’s power posterior should be pulling the plow by day and getting plowed at night in service to a powerful Muslim man.

Natalie Portman Masturbating In A Bathtub Nude Scene

The video above appears to feature actress Natalie Portman fully naked while masturbating in a bathtub in a nude scene from an artsy French film no doubt titled “Le Bain D’une Pute”.

Natalie Portman nude ass

Of course Natalie has never had a problem with nudity in her film roles, but she usually sticks to showing off her tight round little ass… As you can see from the screenshots of her above portraying a bacha bazi (dancing boy), and the video clip below of her playing a randy river wench.

Perhaps Natalie is finally hanging up her butt cheeks, and entering a new phase in her career where she will focus on prostituting the rest of her sinful sex organs.

Natalie Portman nude ass

Yes, only time will tell if this is the start of a new nude trend for Natalie, but one thing is for certain…

Natalie Portman nude ass

Until this Shebrew slut gets her sphincter stretched open by a virile Muslim’s massive meat scud, there will be no justice for the oppressed Palestinian people.

Debby Ryan Nude Masturbation Video

Debby Ryan redhead

Former Disney star Debby Ryan appears to show off her nude body while masturbating with a dildo in the video below.

No doubt this nude video comes from Debby Ryan’s OnlyFans account, for like most washed-up stars she is almost certainly currently struggling to make ends meet in Covid-19 locked-down heathen Hollywood.

Debby Ryan nipple pokies

Yes, we are now entering a brave new world in which infidel harlots like Debby will be able to make a killing whoring themselves directly to their hopelessly depraved fanbases, thus bypassing the greedy Zionists who have forever been the gatekeepers to fame and fortune.

Rest assured that in the very near future girls like Debby will no longer bother going around offering up their asses on casting couches, and will instead diddle their sin beans on cam in the comfort of their own homes.

Gemma Arterton Nude Masturbation Video

English actress Gemma Arterton appears to have just released the nude masturbation video above.

Gemma Arterton

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise to us pious Muslims to see a brazen British Jezebel like Gemma Arterton spread eagle and fiddling with her sin bean like this, for like nearly all infidel women her sex bits are shamelessly unshorn.

Yes, you better believe that if Gemma had a mangled mass of desensitized scar tissue covering the entrance to her cock cave like a proper woman, she would not be playing DJ with her VJ in this video… And she probably would not have performed in all the nude scenes in the compilation video above.

Bella Thorne Nude Masturbation Video Valued At $1 Billion Dollars

Bella Thorne

Former Disney star Bella Thorne is making headlines after racking up $1 million dollars in her first 24 hours of posting boring bikini photos on her “OnlyFans” website.

In response to this startling news us pious Celeb Jihadists have taken Bella’s nude masturbation video (a clip of which can be seen above) to be appraised by the Zionists financial analysts at Goldman Sachs, and they have stated that its value in the current thot market is well north of $1 billion dollars.

While we haven’t decided if we will sell this tremendously appreciating asset, you can rest assured that if we do 100% of the proceeds will go to funding terrorism… That is our pledge, and to show that our giving nature is genuine enjoy Bella Thorne’s completely topless changing video above (which has been valued at $100 million) for free.

Kaili Thorne Nude Masturbation Video And Sex Tape Preview

Kaili Thorne nude

Actress Kaili Thorne films herself fully nude while masturbating in the shower in the video below.

Of course despite her claims to being a celebrity in her own right, Kaili is best known as the bulldog faced older sister of the much more famous Bella Thorne… However, with this nude masturbation video and her upcoming sex tape video (previewed with the blowjob pic below), Kaili might soon become her younger sister’s equal in terms of notoriety.

Kaili Thorne blowjob sex

Yes thanks to these brazen acts of depravity, Kaili Thorne is quickly making a name for herself in the hopelessly degenerate infidel West. No doubt Bella will take note of this, and their sisterly sibling rivalry will force her hand (or should I say mouth) into finally sucking a dick (or three) on camera herself in the coming weeks.