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Rihanna’s Ass In Tiny Thongs Selling Valentine’s Lingerie

Rihanna ass lingerie

The heathen holiday of Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means that it is that time of the year again for pop star turned model Rihanna to be out prostituting her ass in tiny thongs to try and sell more of her lingerie line.

As you can see in the photos and video clips above and below, Rihanna’s bulbous brown butt shows off the latest in slut-wear that is required to get the pathetically limp dick infidel men hard enough to slip their tiny weenies into their females’ gaping banged out cock caves.

Rihanna ass lingerie

Of course any holiday that promotes the ridiculous idea of romantic love is offensive to Islam. For the holy Qur’an is very clear that a truly pious man can not love a lowly base creature like a woman, and they must simply be tolerated for procreation.

Rihanna ass lingerie

For the heart of a Muslim belongs exclusively to Allah… With the occasional goat or camel making a small impression upon it if they are particularly well formed.