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Polly Walker Nude Full Frontal Sex Scene From “Rome” Enhanced

The video above features Polly Walker’s full frontal nude and graphic sex scenes from the HBO series “Rome” color-corrected, brightened, and enhanced in high definition.

Polly Walker nude

As you can see from this historically accurate depiction, even back in Roman times Western women were tremendous whores who were running rampant causing all sorts of damage. In fact, the general consensus among Islamic scholars is that it was the brazen baseness of floozy females like Polly that led to the downfall of the Roman empire.

Of course that isn’t to say that Roman women should shoulder the blame, for just like any other simple-minded domesticated creature it is its owner’s responsibility to make sure that they are properly trained… And the flaming homofag Roman men were far to busy tickling each other under their togas to keep their women in line… A tradition that continues amongst the Italians of today.