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Sommer Ray Nude Ass Photos And Slo-mo Jiggling

Sommer Ray nude

The world’s most famous ass model Sommer Ray shows off her bare bulbous butt cheeks in fishnet stockings in the photos above.

Leave it to a salacious slut like Sommer to squander her plump rump taking selfies and shaking it like a rabid Sub-Saharan she-boon in heat like in the video clip above.

Sommer Ray nude

For it is an undeniable scientific fact that Sommer’s powerful plump posterior would be put to better use in service to Islam… Pulling the plow out in the poppy fields of us pious Muslim men.

Sommer Ray naked

Yes, Sommer Ray’s round rump is a gift from Allah, and she will certainly incur his righteous wrath for misusing it for this blasphemously brazen booty behavior.

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Sommer Ray Flashes Her Nude Pussy Lips

Sommer Ray nude

Social media star Sommer Ray flashes her nude pussy lips while strutting around her pool in the photo above.

Of course Sommer Ray is famous for slipping out her nipple (like in the video above), and flaunting her bare butt cheeks (as in the photos below), so it certainly comes as no surprise that she has finally taken her attention whoring to the next level by showcasing her meaty mound.

Sommer Ray nude ass

However with that said, Sommer’s most lusted after asset amongst her millions of infidel simp followers will always be her world class ass.

For not only is Sommer’s tush nearly perfectly round and tighter than a Jew’s wallet in a recession, but it probably tastes like a fresh baked cinnamon roll…

Sommer Ray sexy

A cinnamon roll with the frosting made from the jizz of a gang of dirt skin nig nogs that is.

Sommer Ray Nip Slip, Camel Toe, And Ass Jiggling

Sommer Ray nip slip ass

Model Sommer Ray puts on a nip slip, camel toe, and bulbous booty meat display in the photo above.

Even though Sommer is clearly a versatile attention whore, she will always be best known for the way that she prostitutes her world famous posterior in ass jiggling video clips like the one above and nude pics the ones below.

Sommer Ray nude

Of course Sommer’s tight round rump is considered nothing special by the superior standards of the Islamic world, for nearly all of our women have butts that are just as plump and firm due to their extensive fieldwork plowing the land, digging wells, and pulling our carts to market…

Sommer Ray ass

With the one major difference between Sommer’s shit box and a Muslimina’s being that her’s is shamefully silky smooth and devoid of both a coat of pubic hair and massive scaring from being whipped.