Your cute sister Alyson shows you how flexible she is – part 1 – The Fappening

Your cute sister Alyson shows you how flexible she is – part 1


A tease before part 2 😉 Not much action here but if you want a faster access to part 2 consider downloading this clip and get access in about 4 days, part 2 has more fucking and BJ and a nice cumshot finish so I think it’s gonna be worth it, but if you wanna wait then that’s fine, will be posting part 2 in about 2 weeks. The price for it will drop once the part 2 is out to 400 tokens.

Almost done preparing my proper model for those, the dataset I’ve used was a bit dark so faces had trouble getting sharp so I’ve ended it sooner than I wanted, for the part 2 I’ll be using my new model that’s also running modified DFL to use the old GAN algorithm along with few other features like increased xseg resolution for better mask quality, custom face type and some other stuff I won’t be mentioning 😛 Also in plans is bringing back the old RankSRGAN upscaler to it or possibly doing a more deep implementation of other upscaling algorithm that is already available on Colab for upscaling DFL datasets – DFDNet. Stay tuned for updates on that.

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Next deepfake: Alyson Hannigan part – 2, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ellen Page.

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